Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazing Skies

We have had some amazing looking skies lately. I have always been a bit of a storm hound and these clouds just grab my attention everytime. This shot is of one of our many sugarcane fields in my neighborhood with some tremendous clouds behind it. I was on a walk and just couldn't resist. It started to pour the second I put my feet in the door too...very lucky indeed.


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Haha said...

You are a storm girl and I recall a very scary lightening bolt the two of us experience in Ashland on B - do you remember? I loved the "boiler" clouds we use to see on South Padre Island too!
I am glad you do not live in tornado alley! LOL

Mishka said...

I do remember that storm...that was my first experience with a close lightening strike...which of course we had tons of in NC. No, I am just in Typhoon Alley...heehee.