Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogging Community Sadness

I found this blog through another blog that I read (reed) or at least read (red) frequently. I have been slacking on my blog reading for ages but that is due to being very busy in other aspects of my life. Anyhow, Chatty's blog mentioned this blog and I went there, and I got caught up in the story. This was around March of 2008. I read consistently for some time but at some point decided to stop following it as close.

For a while now, I have been meaning to check in. Today, I did. Seems it was too late...she passed away in February....so hard to read and think about what her family must be going through. She was only 42. One of her great posts touched on something that really hits home for me...life is too short and you need to tell those that you care about how you feel NOW!!!


Three and 1/2 Years Ago on In My Words...Epiphany


Chicken said...

I just read some of her posts. How difficult it must of been to stop the Chemo.

She is right about telling people that you love them. I love you sis!

Mishka said...

I love you too!!!