Monday, October 29, 2007

What's Next

Saturday, 10/27/07

Well, the buyer on our house in WA fell through again...he wanted the entire roof (even though it didn't need it) replaced before we were to close in two weeks...not going to happen. That is okay though, because we have a new bidder and she seems very excited about the house. I am thrilled and hope it works out because that house really needs to have someone in it that loves is so awesome and deserves to be treated well.

Our realtor is doing a great job and I give her kudos for being able to deal with us long distance too...haha.

Heading out to a beer tasting and live music festival tonight. We are going to take the mat with us and just chill out at the beach, listen to some music and drink a little bit of beer. The whole thing is happening within walking distance of our house at the beach so we couldn't really ask for more, huh?

Update at 8:05pm JST 10/29/07- we have another person looking at the house now...they want to be back up in case the current escrow doesn't go through. What, did everyone take their houses off the market last month and we're the only one still out there??? Works for me!!!


Haha said...

It was not that long ago that you put a new roof on that house - that seems a bit unusual that he would want a new one. I hope you fare better with the lady. I am with you, that house is so beautiful and needs a buyer who appreciates all the charm of the house. I wish I could transplant it in my yard!

Mishka said...

I know...apparently the inspector that we are going to get this time is less of an alarmist so hopefully we'll do okay. I think our realtor has already said we'll come down a bit if we need to since we can't fix it ourselves so we'll see.

de said...

sounds great we would love to send you some fall picts sis d

Mishka said...

De- Yes please do!!!

Haha said...

That is great update news, the way the media is carrying on you would think no one is buying a house. That house has all the hard work done, just move in and enjoy every charming minute of it. But your house closer to me has charm too, I can't wait until our first pool party! Woohoo!