Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We purchased the little car I posted about earlier used and it came with a pretty decent Kenwood stereo system in it. Not only do we have a radio and separate equalizer, each face place moves away (on its own power) and behind one is a single disc CD player and behind the other is a cassette player. The entire thing is then connected to a CD changer under the passenger's seat. We weren't able to use the CD changer (I just found out today it holds 12 discs) because we didn't have a magazine for it. I have been trying to "talk" to Kenwood for ages about the model number of the magazine for it with no luck so today, I went into Autobacs which is a car part store (like those in the US but they also sell nice electronic car equipment and wheels). It is great for the street racers and drifters around here, I am sure.

Anyhow, I went in, hoping they could help me locate my magazine...and they did. I found a young girl who went out to my car to double check the model number, made several phone calls and was able to find out what I needed. I was there for about 45 minutes I am sure but in the end, I was able to order the magazine I needed and it should be in, in the next few days. They also gave me directions to the Nissan dealership because I need to get a replacement case for my remote access key. I just wanted to note here how awesome their customer service was and tell you if you are ever in Japan and you need parts for your car or car stereo, I highly recommend these guys.


Chicken said...

and they have a freakin cool logo.

Haha said...

Ahhhhhh....I sure miss good customer service in the good ol' USA.