Monday, September 03, 2007

No Internet Yet

Well, we still don't have Internet at the house so I haven't been updating things lately but as soon as we do, I will be much more consistent.

We are in the house and have all of our stuff....too much stuff. I have taken some cool pictures but can't upload them to the library computer so I will have to wait to post them until we get our own Internet set up.

I am not completely unpacked yet, although we are almost done with all the cardboard and now are just left with totes and finding homes for all the things that we have. I have already put together at least 6 boxes of stuff that I am going to sell at a swap meet or give to the thrift store here (the equivalent of Goodwill).

We have eaten at most of our favorite places (some of them a few times). It took a week or so to figure out the stove at the house because it has a new safety feature and you can only use a special kind of pan on it....we were able to get the rental company to buy the pans and then we'll just leave them with the house when we leave.

We had to bring our sofa in through the back yard (over the fence and pond) because it couldn't make the 90 degree turn in the entryway to get into the living room...that was a lot of fun. So far, nothing seems to be damaged although I am not all that thrilled with the packing job done in the states....stuff was moved around quite a bit and so I keep opening boxes that I think have one thing in them but in reality have something quite different.

I'll start updating the travel blog on my link list as well so you can also check in there for updates and if you want to be added to my subscription list for it, let me know.

Anyhow, just wanted to do an update to everyone would know we were alive and well. We are finally getting back into a routine and hopefully will have normal life flowing soon.

PS. Chase is still at the kennel for a bit....grrr.


Chicken said...

Why is Chase still in the kennel? Have you been seeing her?

Moving the couch sounds like a lot of fun ;-)

How weird that you can only use certain pans with your stove.

Mishka said...

Yes we have been seeing her. She is still there because she is in quarantine and because we don't want to bring her home to the current status of the house (no place to put a litter box yet)...haha.

The couch was definitely interesting, and the pans are actually pretty cool. I might end up getting a few for myself since they work on all other types of stoves as well.

Haha said...

I am so glad you are getting settled. I will be happy when you have internet service - I really miss talking to you on a daily basis. I will be so glad when Chase gets to come home! How do you like your new car???