Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Have Football

Yeah, we finally, after much fiddling, got the satellite to get signal and we have all ten channels now. We can actually watch some football and the final two rounds of the Fedex Championship in golf.

I know it sounds trivial but sports are about the only thing we watch consistently on TV (except for me with my ER), and we were basically cut off completely from them except for MLB which neither of us likes to watch on TV much (in person is fun).

Besides that little project (that seemed to take all day), I managed to get some things organized and put away. Right now, things are functional so it is hard to get motivated for the finishing touches, but I need to do it. I can't live with it like it is around here for long. So yesterday I got all the little shoeboxes (clear ones for storing) off my kitchen counter, organized how they need to be with all the little misc household stuff in them and put away. Whooooohooooo!!!!

Today, I am going to get the fish tank up and running (has to run for about 2 weeks before we can put fish in it), and maybe even some work done on a blanket I need to finish before the child is so old they can't even use it....haha.

Oh, and I did I mention this will all occur while watching some FOOTBALL!!!


Chicken said...

Multitasking is great!

Mishka said...

Oh, yeah...if I didn't have multitasking, I would never get anything done...haha.