Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Geocaching News

I set out a new cache this week. It was published yesterday on the Geocaching site. It is a multi cache...my first of this type. I like to go to caches that require getting out, and I like them to be trading caches so that is the type that I put out. This particular cache was going to be placed in an area that could be approached from two different directions, one much shorter than the other. I think half the fun of caching is to get out and away from people and things and just enjoy the outdoors so I wanted seekers to have to come the long way (mean, I know). In order to do this, I pretty much had to make it a multi cache so that the first coordinate would be close to the parking that I wanted them to use. The final location (there are 2 stages in between) is a bit over two miles which will require some time, unless they bike (which is allowed on this trail). I put one of my travel bugs in it...one that wants to get to Portland Oregon, along with some other fun stuff.

I also found my second green jeep travel bug (from the 2006 Jeep Geocaching Challenge). I haven't been entering the contest (as I find entering contests mostly just gets you on everyone's junk mail list) but I do like to find the little boogers. I will drop this one off in a near by cache soon. Who knows, maybe I will even put it in one of mine...

The weather is starting to cool down here and the bugs are starting to go away...which makes for a much better caching experience. My sister is coming to visit me in November and I am hoping to at least take her to find all three of my caches...perhaps she can find a travel bug to take back with her to the west coast.

I am already thinking about where I might want to put my next cache...it will be a trading one too but finding places that require a lot of walking is hard to do...our parks are just not very big...oh, well, I am sure I will come up with something.


Chicken said...

I am so excited to check out your caches!! Someday I'll make one of my own.

Haha said...

I am jealous - you two will have a great time and have tons of fun cacheing. Have great sister time!