Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day Back

Today is my first day back at school in my last class for graduation....and I am already behind. I have to read 3 chapters in our boring book, answer focus questions, homework questions, figure out what I want to do a research paper on, and start discussing a case study with my group members (yes we are going to be doing groupwork this semester, oh joy). On top of this, I have to discuss anything and everything in the conferences so I get the 30 percent for participation on a weekly basis....I can not wait until I am done with this program.

It seems that I am the only one in class that doesn't read IT journals for fun!!!! Who does that? I love computers but I am not obsessed with them, and sometimes I feel so out of place in this program. Yes I want to have the degree to help me out in life, but I don't really want a job in computer management. I just want to solve people's individual or network computer problems on a parttime basis, so I will have time in my life to do other things that are more enjoyable. I am not and don't think I have ever been, career driven.

Anyhow, that is a totally different subject which probably would lead me to therapy so we could switch back to my overall shock of reality that I met up with today when I logged into my first day of class. I better go because I have lots of reading to do and I know that I will have to nap in between each boring paragraph!!!! Wish me luck!!!!


kilgorsky said...

I wanted to do a computer course to learn to build websites but the ones they offer around her are too advanced, there's too much math involved. I decided to learn CSS myself. It will be a long but hopefully interesting process.

Mishka said...

We learned how to build multimedia websites (not commercial ones)in my class last semester. It was by far the best class I have had yet and I am sad that this one is going to be more of the management side with boring topics and groupwork.

We used Dreamweaver and Fireworks in our class (which we got on student discount) to do all our building. Great software by the way.

Mind Sprite said...

I don't want to think about school! I have 18 glorious days before the grind starts again. I am taking ceramics again, which is fun but is two long evenings a week. I also signed up for beginning Access because it will help in my new job. I'm dreading that one because there always seems to be a lot of busy work.

Good luck with your LAST class!