Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Check It Out

J and I were watching the history channel last night and they did a few documentaries on 9/11 related things. It was hard to watch but I felt like I owed some time to it, since I hadn't really thought about it all day. I had gotten the call on Monday morning at 3:15am to come to my friend's house because the baby was coming. I had volunteered to stay with their other kids while they were at the hospital. Needless to say, my day was filled with PBS kids and coloring, not a lot of 9/11 coverage there..... Anyhow, during the course of one of the shows (about the 14 survivors from stairway B), I got out this coffee table book that we own on 9/11 to see if it had anything in it about them (I didn't realize there were that many survivors). It did have a bit about them in the back (apparently they were saved the first day so that is why the news didn't make a huge thing out of it) Please note that during 9/11, I lived in Japan so my coverage was spotty at times.

Anyhow, after looking over the book a bit, I thought I might post something here about it because it was nicely done, some of the sales go to the victim families and it is educational. It is called One Nation and it is done by Life Magazine. It is coffee table book sized. If you like history and are interested in this subject, it is a good book to read or own.

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