Sunday, May 21, 2006

We Be Wireless

Well, I finally got off my lazy butt today and hooked up my wireless broadband router so I could access the Internet on my laptop, share files with my pc and print without having to use my usb thumb drive.

Things were going smoothly until I enabled my security preferences and then everyone when to their own corners to pout. A few tweeks, some sweet talking and a slight change in names seemed to do the trick. Who knows if all parties will be talking after the next reboot but for now, we are up and running and I have transfered files back and forth, everyone can see each other, my test print worked and but not least, I am posting here from my laptop in my living room....whooeee!!!!

This was one more thing on my list that can be checked off....since getting out of school, I am making some headway on those items.


Chicken said...

Right on. How convenient.

Mishka said...

It is pretty nice, allows me to work on things I need to do even when J is home and we are hanging out in another part of the house. I guess I could even bring the laptop to bed instead of reading but I think that would be more of a hassle, moving it around like that.

haha said...

Hey and now Mishka and haha can talk a little more often. Glad you can check that one off your list!