Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blog Passwords

I have noticed recently that lots of fellow bloggers are being forced to password protect their posts. I understand why this has to happen and I am sure it is frustrating for the blog owner that it is required because apparently a few people can't "play nice with others".

Regardless that it is necessary for some owners, as a reader, I hate it. Mostly this is because in my Internet life, I have tons of passwords to remember and for some reason the blog ones are always the ones I lose, so I am continually having to ask for them again. So I guess if I disappear off your counters, it isn't because I don't enjoy a great read any longer, it is just because I lost the password, once again. Sorry.


J.a.G. said...

I haven't run across this yet with anyone I read but I think I'd be the same.

Either that or I'd have a big list taped to my computer!

Mind Sprite said...

I haven't had to have a password to enter a blog. If I did run into it, I probably wouldn't read it just because of the hassle.

kilgorsky said...

Hi Mishka, how have you been?

Password protected blogs? That's new to me.

I use the Firefox browser. It remembers my passwords and stores them safely. Without it, I'd be lost.

Chicken said...

Yeah there are a few that I stopped reading because they are password protected. Too much work.