Monday, May 08, 2006

80 Years Old

Happy Birthday Grandma!!! You are absolutely the best.

We celebrated with a big party on Saturday, but today is the actual day. I think the party was great and we had a lot fun and were able to catch up with all sorts of friends and family. Some of J's family that lives in the area was able to make it too, so I was able to see them for a while as well. It was great.

My sis and I drove back up to Portland yesterday afternoon after doing some geocaching in and around Jacksonville Oregon. It was a very educational as both caches were located in or near really old cemeteries. Amazing history.

It was hard to say goodbye to the grandparents...grandma kept telling us to come back soon. I hope I am able to. I miss them a lot and wish I lived closer. Maybe in the next year or so we will end up back on the west coast for a spell. That would be nice I think.

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haha said...

It was a wonderful time and your grandparents had great fun. Thank you for traveling across the country to make her day so special - it also didn't hurt that haha got to see you too!