Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Tooth Brushing

I am an avid brusher...probably too avid. I have always had a bit of a phobia about bad breath, so brushing has been my friend. Recently though, a friend of mine has had to have her gums built up because they are receding from brushing too aggressively and I thought that I might find myself with that same issue (and no dental insurance), if I am not careful.

I know a lot of people that like to use the electric brushes that spin to brush their teeth. They say they get a better clean without the wear and tear on their gums. I thought, I would try out an inexpensive electric brush and see if I like it and if my gums like it. I didn't want to jump into the deep end and spend a ton of money, in case it isn't for me so today, I got one of the cheaper Oral B versions that just takes a AA battery to give it a shot...the head is still small enough for my cover and the bristles come in soft (which is what I need).

I decided to do a Google search to see what recommendations are out there for brushing techniques and I came across this useful article. I thought perhaps it might be useful for others so I linked it.

This evening will be my first trial run...I'll let you know how it goes.

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