Sunday, March 29, 2015

Upper Table Rock Hike

These two mesas have always loomed in the distance. They are very distinct fixtures against our landscape to the northeast of my home town.

They are covered in poison oak and are rumored to have lots of rattle snakes on them as well...which is part of why I had never attempted to hike either of them.

Recently, I had seen some great pictures that my uncle took a few years ago during a hike in the spring and I got the urge to see the views for myself.

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers mentioned that she was going to climb the Upper one (which means it is up river from the other), and I decided to jump on the chance.

This morning we made the trek. And even with my terrible fitness status, I did make it to the top (just had to take a couple of breaks along the way). The view was just as awesome as I imagined. The top itself was covered in green, wild flowers, and baby poison oak...LOL. It was quite beautiful. I am hoping to get to the top of the Lower Table Rock (seen in the distance of this image) before the poison oak gets too big as I am highly allergic to it.

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