Friday, October 11, 2013

Little Happenings

So, have been super busy lately...but all of it is like little stuff so some of it isn't big enough for a post on its here you get the little tidbits.

Nak3d Jack

The proof of purchase came in the mail for the warranty work we need to have done on our canopy from Leer so I was able to get over to the canopy store and have it taken off Jack the Colorado. It has been a long time since we took the canopy off and Jack looks nak3d (have to use the 3 so I don't get hits from the word that is represented). Found out while I was there that the bubbles we are seeing are probably from contaminates that hit the paint center right after a fire at the plant. So at least we know it is not anything we did...


I was very industrious when I got back from my second trip in 3 weeks. I haven't shopped in ages because we just didn't need food rotting in the fridge, so hitting the big grocery store was kind of refreshing...seeing the fridge full of healthy veggies and fruits again was nice.

I decided to hard boil all the eggs that had been in the fridge for quick eats on the go, cut up the fresh pineapple right away so it
would be ready to eat or use in recipes. I checked the packs of frozen chicken we had for the product codes to make sure we were able to avoid salmonella.

I got a jar of Love soup from one of my aunt's. You know the mason jar with all the ingredients layered and you just add water and meat? Well, it has been cool enough here, at least at night and in the mornings that the idea of soup sounded good and I wanted to give it a try, so I did and it turned out yummy.


Somehow I ended up recently with a lot of scrapes and bruises. One night at the hotel, I woke up from a bad dream (that I can't remember) but was very confused on where I was, and thought I saw a ton of little black spiders in the bed. Normally spiders aren't a huge fear thing for me, although I am sure I would never want them in my bed. But because I was so disoriented, fight or flight kicked in, actually just flight kicked in, and I jumped out of the rather high bed and started to run. Not being familiar with the room, I fell and scraped and banged my right knee pretty nicely. The bruise is green now and still kind of tender but that happens a lot if I bruise right on a tendon...takes longer for me to heal than if I just bruise on a fleshy part.

A couple of days after getting back, I realized that my foot was hurting quite a bit on the bottom. I get cracked soles during the summer from not wearing shoes but I have been wearing shoes quite a bit since it cooled down so I wasn't expecting anything like what I saw. It is cracked in a particularly painful spot on the big toe mound...lots of cracked heel ointment and socks for me.

On the last day I was at the hotel, I decided to shave my legs and the travel razor I use is not the same as my Venus I keep at home...I managed to take quite a hunk out of my ankle. I don't normally cut myself and I didn't enen notice this one until I was drying off and saw the stream of blood running towards the drain of the tub...and of course all the towels are white. So I had to run cold water on it from the tub, while standing dripping, so that it would stop enough that I could cross the bathroom and get some kleenex for it. It took a bit of pressure and time to get it to stop...having to be careful when shaving now so I don't pull the scab off accidentally.


Decided on the first night back that a fire in the fireplace sounded I lit up one of our three hour Duralogs and enjoyed the fall feeling. It was relaxing while unpacking to see the flames flickering in there.


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MILF Runner said...

I wish I'd know that "3" trick. I've used words on my blog that now have quite the assortment of p0rn-spambots visiting in droves. I don't mind so much except the pageview number artificially inflates my ego...which I could do without :/

I hope your booboo is healing nicely :)