Monday, October 28, 2013

Mister Scary

Only carved one pumpkin for Halloween this year. Went out to the pumpkin patch with my cousins to pick it out with two more, but saved the two others I had to carve for "fall". This one was the biggest one so I knew it was going to be Mister Scary even before I had picked a design.

I went through the book I had of designs, but none of them really grabbed me so I went online and did a search and found one I liked and printed it.

Love to carve pumpkins in the living room while watching something seasonally appropriate. During this one, I was watching an episode of Walking Dead on On Demand, trying to catch up on the season. I washed the outside of the pumpkin and dried it off and then got to cutting out the top, so I could get the insides cleaned out. I am kind of texture sensitive on my hands so I decided to wear gloves during the cleaning portion.

I have done a lot of pumpkins with this kit now, and am pretty quick once I get the guy cleaned out, but I have also started to resort to less fancy designs due to time constraints and the fact that the more intricate it is, the faster it seems to rot and lose its shape. We had
had a particularly warm October and I wanted to make sure to have an intact pumpkin through the holiday at least.

Once the inside was cleaned out, I could get started with the design taped to the pumpkin and the little hole punch action. Then I removed the design and started sawing out the design.

Once he was all cut out and ready to go, I put him on the front porch and lit a tea light. I ended up getting some battery powered tealights from the dollar store for later but for the first night, it was the "real deal".


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