Monday, October 21, 2013

SmartWool Socks Acquired

There are two more pairs that didn't make the pic
Cooler weather always makes me rethink my sock situation. I am a bit of a sock hoarder, I admit, but I pretty much think you can't have too many socks.

So I went onto my favorite website for obtaining inexpensive SmartWool socks, because while I love the feel and the patterns, I really can't pay full price for them. On this site, I can find them for about 60% off and that is the way to go!

Once these awesome ones came in the mail, I went through my sock drawer and dx'd any that were worn out, or just weren't getting worn.

Out of these ones, there were two pair (same sock, different patterns) that I ended up not being able to wear because even though they were advertised as being "over the calf" there was no way in hell I could pull them up over my soccer calves. I gave them both to my cousin and she loves them!!

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joanne said...

I love Smart Wool socks! It doesn't really get cold enough here to wear them sadly. And I totally knew your link was to Sierra Trading Post. Love them!