Friday, December 28, 2012

Letter To Fox Television

This is a copy of the letter I wrote to the Fox Network today...I wanted them to know that I stopped watching any shows on their network due to their greedy idiocy (not that they care).

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a loyal Fox customer for many years and I know I am not alone in this when I say how disappointed I am in Fox right now. Not only did you drop the ability for your loyal customers who might not be able to watch a program when it airs, from watching a show online the next day, you are no longer provided as an On Demand option on my cable network. I can only imagine that this comes from greediness on the part of the Fox network.
What I don't understand is how this benefits you in any way. The average person can watch any Fox show without even needing to have cable or dish service, for free with commercials (which is where you make your money). If the same user were to watch the program online the next day (as of last year), they would still be watching it for free and they would still see the commercials (so you are still making the same amount). Now, if they happen to miss that particular show, they have to wait 8 days to watch it (which means they can't watch the next show that airs since the shows are 7 days apart so now they are perpetually stuck having to watch online over a week late, over and over), it is still free and they still see the same commercials (so you are still making the same amount). So all you are doing is pissing off your customers, but not really making any extra money from the entire thing (except what you might be making from the 3 companies that have signed on to this new program you have). On top of this, a customer like me that pays for HD cable (a step up or two from standard cable), can't even get any Fox shows On Demand, where I would see the same commercials and you would make the same amount.
This makes no sense to me and doesn't get you any extra money. At this point, I have stopped watching all the shows I used to watch faithfully on your network. I pretty much only turn Fox on for sports now since it is not worth my time to try to coordinate online viewing of shows I might not be home to watch. So the result is no extra money for you and now to top it off you are losing customers. Please stop being greedy and just provide great programming like you used to do without making us (your customers) jump through hoops.
Thank you for your time.
Former loyal customer,

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