Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Moving Is Hard To Do

As most of you readers know, I am a bit of a perfectionist, have a tad case of OCD and suffer from procrastination...not a great combination...haha.

So since we are moving to Hawaii next month, I have had my hands full in so many ways. Fortunately, I have not let the procrastination take over but I think if I could be less of a perfectionist my life would be simpler.

This is a list of the things I have thus far accomplished for this move...there are still quite a few left but at least I am making headway.
  • Handed over my two board positions with OIWC
  • Updated and reprinted our household inventory sheets
  • Organized a ton of paperwork required for moving from one country to the next
  • Got all the paperwork, bloodtests and money sent to Hawaii for importation of our cat Chase
  • Made flight arrangements
  • Made two shipment arrangements
  • Gave notice at our housing agency
  • Purged, purged and more purging
  • Sold, or gave away furniture, books, toys, decor and other accessories
  • Prepared paperwork to ship our vehicle to Hawaii
  • Contacted utilities for shut off and return of modems and accessories
  • Created the "BIG MOVE BOOK"
  • Started house hunting online
  • Had all doctors and dentist appointments so as not to need to worry after move
  • Cleaned up, reloaded and maintained giftstore computer
  • Weedwacked backyard
  • Sold friend's truck
  • Found another friend a satellite dish for cheap
  • Organized all items left in house for two shipments
  • Found home for all plants, and fish
  • Had premove inspection done
  • Chased out 4 geckos
  • Made hotel reservations for our time left here after we have vacated our beautiful home
Things that are still left to be done:
  • Shipment appts
  • Borrowed furniture pickup
  • Appt with utilities for internet and phone disconnect
  • Purging, purging and more purging
  • Yardwork
  • Pond cleanup
  • Patio furniture cleanup
  • Final organization of items for two shipments so that nothing gets mixed up
  • Laundry
  • Packing
  • Car washing and selling
  • Hand off of 4 board positions with another NPO
  • July month end for giftstore
  • Finish database build on store computer
  • Repair of friend's computer
  • Repair of friend's external harddrive
  • Forest Adventure Park
  • Several mandatory meetings and events
  • Cat and carrier check at airport before date of flight
  • Cat health certificate
  • Flight to Hawaii
  • Rental of car
  • Cleaning
  • Hotel reservations in Hawaii
  • Return flight to mainland USA to ship vehicle to Hawaii in October
  • House hunting in Hawaii
  • Saying goodbye to my great friends that are still left here on this beautiful island
Not so much, huh?


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