Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kompasu Update

Well this baby is on us now....think the eye just went over. I had to go out in it because I left some things at the house in the garage to pick up later and take to my friends for disposal and I was afraid that when the direction of the wind changed, they might blow into a neighbors yard or something so when I was pretty sure the eye was over us, I got in the car and drove over to the house (about 5 minutes from the hotel).

I got back just as the wind and rain was starting back up so I got a little wet getting out of the car but overall, it hasn't been too bad. Kind of nice to have a storm as long as everything is open back up tomorrow since I have tons of stuff to do!!!

I took some video on my camera earlier of these two idiots enjoying the storm just a little too much...noticed they had a big bottle of awamori in their hands so that might explain it...and no, they weren't Okinawans...I kept waiting for one of them to fall on their butt in the wind. I'll try to post it to youtube here shortly.

I was kind of impressed with the pressure of the wind on the car while I was sitting at lights...I could really feel it, that is for sure. I am glad I didn't stay out too long...too much time means too much of a chance that something will fly at and damage the car and since it isn't my car...that would be very BAD!!

Anyhow, so now I will watch a movie and work on some of my organization of stuff that has miraculously filled this hotel room, and see what more this storm might have to offer.


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