Monday, February 08, 2010

Focusing On The Good Things

Seems like every once in a while I find myself in a bit of a negative rut...where all I do is notice the bad things and tend to be perpetually peeved...usually after a bit of time, I realize this and take action to change my perspective/outlook.

This is one of those times...the negativity hasn't been too bad this time but I still have seen it there and I hate when it takes a good hold and I start seeing it reflected in the mirror. Being negative gives me wrinkles, causes me to get sick, and gives me excuses for being lazy in fitness, education, and overall task completing.

Focusing on the good things that happen everyday is one of the ways I get out of this rut...and it really does work. Instead of thinking about the issues that might have pissed me off throughout the day, I try to see each of the reason why the day should be labeled as good. Now this is not a matter of sugar-coating, I am not trying to say that everyday is a perfect day, but it is a way of seeing the glass is half full rather than half empty.

Everyone has their ups and downs and each day does too, but for the most part, unless you have been hit by a bus, the day should really end on a positive value than on a negative, right?

Have you ever noticed that only the bad news seems to make the news? Well, having a negative outlook seems to be the same thing but on a individual level. You can notice the few small things that might have sucked during the day and count the day as a loss overall, or you can look at the millions of positive things that happened that you really didn't even notice and call the day a positive is for you to decide.

This all goes in hand with my plan to focus on me, getting things together, figuring out where I am at, and if I want to be there, and if not, making changes to get where I want to be. Spring is on its way and focusing on the positive is just the thing this new season needs.

Periodic self evaluation can be a good thing, it can help you stay on track and it can help you be more productive and determined. Being that I am in the midst of a few personal goals, this is perfect timing for me to have a new fresh outlook full of positive energy.


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