Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tolerance is a 9 Letter Word - Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video - Jan 21, 2005

This is the most ridiculous thing "conservative Christian groups" have come up with I am to believe that promoting tolerance is not a good thing....hmmmm? Let me think about that. Wasn't that the Bible that these people profess to believe in???? Are they saying that Jesus or God (or what ever "force" that may live in the skies above us...) actually condones ill treatment of people that are not like them?

Regardless of a person's views on sexual orientation, (which from my understanding is not an issue with the video), these people are saying that they don't want children to learn tolerance????? The makers of the video are not saying that being homosexual is right or wrong, they are just saying that treating people badly for any reason is not nice....oooohweee steer clear of that one...wouldn't want to teach kids to be nice to each other or anyone else.

I hate to see what people would think if they watched "Free to Be You and Me" these days. Probably would call it feel good communist crap....since it says don't be afraid to be yourself and that your feelings are okay. Wouldn't want to promote that kind of shit, would we?

Unfortunately, this kind of extremism is exactly what keeps me and others like me as far away from religion as we can possibly get....