Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Coverage Woes

Let me start of by staying that I am thankful for the amount of coverage I have been able to see so far away from home. Between the US coverage and the Japanese coverage we are able to see just about anything we want regarding the Olympics.

Okay, so my peeve has to do with the fact that NBC is spending WAY too much time talking to people that are NOT competing!! I want to see the events, not watch Bob Costas try to get athletes to fight each other through the media while sitting near a fireplace. I was able to ignore it for a while but the other day when Evan (from the US) won the Men's Figure Skating gold medal and then had not just one but two different interviews with Bob Costas and all Bob did was try to get him to say bad things about his competitors. Congrats to go to Evan for not only providing a gold medal performance on the ice but being an outstanding person and not getting sucked into whatever drama Bob was trying to get started. Bob even went so far as to try to get Dick Button to talk smack against the silver medalist since obviously Evan wasn't going to. I know that is not just Bob Costas but NBC as a whole. Regardless it pisses me off.

Now today, I am watching Olympics that I recorded earlier, since I was volunteering during the airing of it. And I only have one question for NBC....was there really nothing else you could have been showing us that you had time to interview a SUMMER olympic athlete for twenty minutes???? He is just a spectator here, and I could give a crap what he thinks about being a spectator...I want to see the current OLYMPICS...that means the sports that are being done at that moment. Get off the sofa and away from the fireplace and show me some damn sports!!!

(Note too, that Bob tried to get Micheal Phelps to talk smack about one of his competitors too....grrr)


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Chicken said...

I wish they stop yapping so I can watch the events. I would rather them replay something than listen to talking heads blather on about nothing for hours.