Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics Are Here

For the last three days, I have been watching the Winter Olympics in the morning, and recording it in the afternoon. We get a broadcast in the middle of the night too which I have not yet tried to record for viewing later but will probably have to do as events come on that I am most interested in.

The winter olympics always seem so much harsher to me...probably the ice and cold is what gives me that feeling. When people fall, get hurt or injured, it just seems harder. I love many of the events in Winter Olympics...but I find myself squinting my eyes at the TV when they are doing something particularly difficult so I won't see if they fall and hurt themselves pushing themselves to the limit and beyond.

The passion and drive of all of these athletes always amazes me. I feel for them if they are not able to acheive their dreams. I realize that everyone is not going to win gold but when an athlete fails to do their best, is injured qualifying or weather takes them out, it makes me sad because you want to compete at your best and then the scores are what they are. When someone who has worked so hard for this moment loses it because of something outside their own control, that is when I feel bad for them.

Another thing that just amazes me is how comfortable all the athletes are with their sports. Skaters walk on skates is if they have always been attached to their feets and skiers and snowboarders do the same...I have never had that comfort level on my own two feet much less on something foreign and I think I envy them that a bit. I have to tell myself that it is from weeks, months and years of time being spent using that skate or ski that they get that comfort level, but they still all look so relaxed and comfortable in their elements.

So as the couple's short program in figure skating draws to a close for today, I look forward to what might be coming up in the next two weeks. I hope that some of you are able to tune in for your favorite events as well.


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Just a Girl said...

I am glued to the TV! Go canada! :D