Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tree Up

So I did manage to cross off quite a few items this last week and getting the tree up, and the house decorated was one of them. I had to buy a new tree this year (just like the old one, only less expensive somehow) and it seems to be a bit fuller than the old one as well. It is a small tree since we don't do a real one here, and I usually set it up on our DVD cabinet. We use LED lights we bought in the States that don't get hot, last forever and are very bright. I am able to leave them on all the time so the tree always looks twinkly and bright. This is nice since it took me weeks to even get it up and decorated, so I have to get in all my "tree" time I can...haha.

So due to the fact that we are using the little tree, I have to be selective in what ornaments go on it. Every year that J and I have been married, we have a new ornament so I have to get out each year's ornament and make sure I have them all. Those go on for sure. Then I also have a few favorites that are small enough to fit on this baby tree. Unfortunately most of my bigger ornaments won't be out and about until we are someplace again where we will have a bigger tree.

I managed to put out our stockings, a stocking/wreath on the front door, some Christmasy candle holders and our Christmas cards around the entry door to the livingroom. Overall, the place looks like a little bit of Christmas touched us and I am enjoying the season knowing I am pretty much finished with all the tasks.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Trees and Snowflakes
I haven't cut any snowflakes this year...but it sounds like fun so I might have to do a few for our sliders...

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