Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitty Flu

Chase has all the symptoms of the kitty flu...weeping eyes, running nose, sneezing and what I think is also coughing. I have been trying to hold out from going to the vet because all my books and research say that it is viral and as long as she is not getting cloudy, white/green mucus coming out, she is still okay and that it can last 7 10 days just like it does with humans.

I have been keeping her indoors at night so far and giving her lots of pets and tons of food to keep her immune system humming. She acts pretty much normal so I am not too worried but I feel bad for her as I wipe her eyes and face a few times a day that I can't explain to her "blow" so she could just get some of it out...she knows I am trying to help her and she is a pretty tolerant cat anyhow so it hasn't been too bad.

One of the things recommended to make them more comfortable is to put saline drops in their eyes and nose to help break up the mucus....somehow I don't think she would enjoy this. Another one is to take them in the bathroom when you are showering so the humidity can help break it up...and I have considered running a hot bath and putting her in the room with it while it is steaming to see if it helps her at all (not in the bath itself though). We can't do the shower thing as the entire room is a shower and she would get soaked being in there while either of us was showering...but the bath is definitely a possibility for tonight.

If she stops eating or seems to get much worse, I will take her to a local vet here and see what they can do...thing is that antibiotics won't help her unless things get a lot worse...and since antibiotics also give her gastrial intestinal problems that neither of us want to deal with, I think we will wait and see how she feels in the next couple of days...poor kitty.


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