Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Fun Or Not

It is supposed to be the season of cheer, joy and well wishing but it seems like it has gotten lost behind stress, pressure and greed somewhere a long the line. I want to enjoy the season but as of right now I don't even have my decorations up because I have just not been in the mood nor have had the time (I do actually intend to remedy that right after I post this).

I made about 50 cards in November (when I was feeling some motivation) and put most of them up for sale at our little gift store. I figured that if they didn't all sell by the time I started addressing and sending out cards, I could always use them for my own cards. I managed to crank out 40 more over the last two weeks (mostly it was just that I have been so busy that I couldn't devote any direct time to them).

Today, I was able to send out 40 cards...mostly to those east of the Rockies since it takes longer for mail to get to them than it does for our west coast friends and families. I also pulled those cards I had at the store so I can start addressing and mailing them out as in reality, I should be feeling pretty good about it all.

J and I decided (actually, he didn't get a say) that we would do donations gifts for those that we normally exchange gifts with, with the exception of bookstore giftcards for nieces and nephews. This of course, has made my Christmas much easier because even though I tend to shop all throughout the year during our travels, I only wrap and package in the weeks before Christmas and due to the distance we have to get things in the mail very early. I didn't have to worry about that this year...all I had to do was these really, I have no excuse for feeling humbugish...must just be all the other stuff I have on my plate that is causing me to not feel the season. I think too that Christmas starts so early now...we had Christmas stuff in the stores here before Halloween, that makes me a bit sick of it by the time it rolls around.

So as of this post, and the dispursement of my Christmas decorations, I am determined to get into the spirit. I think I can manage that for at least the two weeks we have left...and then I can get back to the craziness of normal life after the New Year!!!


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