Saturday, June 16, 2007

Storage Is Gone

Well, it has been a few days and we are back home. The storage shipment went as well as to be expected. It is all out of here and the remaining stuff is going with us or staying with the house.

This week we have to separate stuff into what it going on the plane with us personally, what is going in the speedy shipment and what is going in the slow shipment. It is not super critical on the other end because the slow shipment will arrive about 2 weeks after we do but it is critical on this side as the slow shipment is leaving here in a few days and the speedy shipment is not leaving until the 5th of July. That means we need to keep things we want to use up until then and can still ship with us but it can't be too much (only 950 lbs can go on the speedy shipment).

So, we have some things to do before the packers come again on Wednesday....

Give away fish
Empty tank and dry out
Move stuff into separate rooms based on shipment
Give books and magazines to community college
Put leather conditioner on couches
Clean up filing
Do some critical yardwork
Make sure to get all addresses and paperwork needed organized before filing cabinet goes

Those are the critical ones...then we have those that have to be done before July 5th when the speedy shipment goes

Back up computer
Figure out house tax situation
Put out pinestraw in yard (only 5 bales)
Mail printer to J's mom
Mail some things that can't be shipped to ourselves
Pack suitcases and stuff that is going to travel with us personally

I am sure that is just the tip of the iceberg but it helps me to get some of it on paper (virtually)...we have much more that will be done without us even thinking about it I am sure.


Chicken said...

So what are you sleeping on? Is the kitchen packed up?

Mishka said...

Nope, we only put a few things from the kitchen in storage, most of it will go with us this week and the bed is still here but it leaves this week as well. We'll sleep on the other futon until we leave since we are selling that one.

Violet said...

That sounds way too complicated... My mom is getting ready to sell her house. I am NOT looking forward to the move, because I know I'll have to be a big part of the manual labor. Ugh...

Mind Sprite said...

Sounds like you have things mostly under control! Good luck with the rest of it. Will you be stopping by the NW on your way to Japan? Maybe we can have a drink (and a giant hot fudge sundae) if you're in town :)

Mishka said...

MS-We'll definitely be in the NW at some point..we'll have to coordinate something.

V- It is very complicated and I am lucky I don't have an ulcer