Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting Back To It

Wow, what a whirlwind week this has been. We have managed to get food at several of our favorite places like Hokka hokka tei, Sushi-go-round and Coco's Curry Ichiban. We have found a house (a nice one too) that we can move into next week. We are going to get our driver's licenses today if we can, and hopefully a car this week too.

We went to visit Chase and she is doing well. I need to get her off to the vet for her initial check up on Friday. I also want to get her groomed again.

The house is right near the beach (we can see it from the roof) so we can walk there if we want, and it is really close to J's work. We are really thrilled because it looks like it will be big enough for our stuff. I'll have to take pictures and post them because it is a really cool modern style Japanese house. I can't wait for family to come visit so we can show them all how cool it is.

It will be nice to get settled into our lives.


Haha said...

Honey, I am so excited for you! That is great news! Sounds like you will only need one car? I can hardly wait for you to get moved in so you can send us pics. It will be nice for you to get settled finally after some of the chaos you had to deal with in your last days stateside. Keep us posted on your adventures and make sure you have some curry and rice for me at the wonderful place on the beach. I hope it is still there when I get to come and visit!!!

Mishka said...

Yeah, I think we are going to go with one car for now. I want one of those small ones but we'll see if we can find it or not.

We almost went to the FAB for lunch today but ended up at Hokka Hokka Tei eating it on the beach.

Chicken said...

My mouth is watering just thinking about the food!

Mind Sprite said...

How wonderful that you found a good house close to work! Yeah!!!

Good luck with moving and settling in!