Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks To Everyone

I said before I would update our time in WA and I haven't done it yet so I figure, what the hell?

We did manage to get a ton of stuff done in our short time at the house and that was only due to the awesome help we received from friends and family in the area. In the 6 days that we were there to work on the house, we did the following things:

  • Painted the interior
  • Carpeted two rooms
  • Replaced all kitchen appliances (except for the refrigerator)
  • Replaced a few boards on the roof
  • Replaced a few boards on the porch
  • Resealed half of porch
  • Painted eaves and new boards on roof
  • Powerwashed house and all cement patios and raised beds
  • Fixed plumbing issues in bathroom
  • Tore out and replaced 320 sq ft of insulation in the crawlspace
  • 4 full size truck loads of yard waste to the dump
  • 1 oversized truck load of trash to the dump
  • Trimmed 3 fruit trees
  • Removed blackberry bushes
  • Trimmed back 4 sets of vines (wisteria, grape, and kiwi)
  • Trimmed large tree hanging into our neighbor's yard
  • Trimmed several rhodies
  • Cleaned up all extraneous things left by the renter

This was all possible because J's brother and family, my sister, my dad, and all our friends and their families helped us out on various days. Originally our plan had been to visit with all of them but we ended up having to enlist their help and that is how we got the visits in as well. We really own them a debt of gratitude because we were really under a crunch and they helped us to get a lot accomplished. The house looks great and I am sure it will sell with no problem (if we can just get the market going again).

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Chicken said...

I wish I could have helped more. Keep me posted on how things go with the house.