Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back On Island

Well, we made it here in one piece. Got here late enough on Friday that we haven't gotten much done yet but it has been nice to have a few down days and we'll get started on things tomorrow.

It is so strange to be back, kind of feels like a major case of deja vu...a few things have changed but mostly it is the same as it was when we left three years ago.

I know I keep writing that I will write more later and haven't but I promise that I will. Right now I have to go to bed....still not completely switched over on the time thing.


Just a Girl said...

Welcome back (or some such thing :P).

Later is good.

Mind Sprite said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Good luck on your unpacking and settling in.

{{waving from Oregon!!!}}

Haha said...

Glad you got there safe and sound - Chicken filled me in on your WA adventures with the house and how things are going in OKI. I am sure it will take a bit to get re-adjusted to the time and climate and I hope you will be moving into your new digs soon. Hope Chase is doing well too! Have some mail for you and will send it on.