Monday, June 04, 2007

To The Lake, To The Lake

Got a few things done around here (my massive "multimedia catalog" is updated). I need to back up our harddrive on the PC still and I just purchased a small external harddrive to start storing pics and video on since our data drive (I have my disk partioned into programs and data) is very full. Make sense to burn some of that onto DVD for storage/backup and then onto the external and free up the PC's drive.

We are staying up at the lake house tonight...I am looking forward to it but I am coming back down tomorrow to get some things done around here. The building and termite inspections are tomorrow on this house but I don't have to be here for them. I am hoping to come down in the morning, get some things knocked out and then head back up to the lake house for some alone time on the dock with the sun and a good book. I have a couple of personal projects that need some attention too and it will give me some time to attempt that.

J keeps asking me what I need him to do so that I am not stressing about the move, but I don't know that I can tell him exactly what I need because there is so much to be done and so little time to do it in. I know that after Saturday (when we give up the lake house) we will be focused only on getting stuff done for this shipment and then we can relax a bit. This first one is the big one for getting the organization done.

Enough babbling from me. I have to finish repacking up my bag so I can get out of here and get up there while the sun is still out for a bit. Catch tomorrow perhaps....


Chicken said...

I broke down and bought a 400GB external drive too. Bill has way to many itunes songs for the hard drives we had.

Haha said...

Have fun deserve it and you have a big job ahead of you.