Saturday, June 30, 2007

Still At The Open

We have been at the Women's US Open all this week...not bad really except that every afternoon we have thunderstorms so today was the first day all week they were able to play until dark and they had to because they were so far behind. Tomorrow they will be finishing up (9 more holes for the leaders) Round 3 and then completing Round 4 (hopefully).

We are taking our niece in with us (kids under 17 get in free) tomorrow, and I am sure she will be bored out of her mind but I think she will have fun hanging with us anyhow. We don't have much time left with her so I want to do as much as we can and this is an opportunity for her to see some girls with some very specific goals and achievements under their belts.....hint, hint....

I also am getting ready for the big push for our last shipment, getting this house cleaned up for the new owners and getting some friend time in before we take off. Hopefully, we will be able to stay in a hotel nearby and a chance to see our friends who we will miss dearly...saying goodbye is always the hardest part.

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