Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coming Along

The movers will be here to pack and haul away our stuff for storage starting tomorrow for two days. We have basically finished organizing the stuff into Storage and Not Storage. The garage, patio, and guest room are all storage and the rest is not storage. After they leave on Thursday, we'll head up to the lake house to enjoy it with our friends for a few more days and then on Saturday we will be back to break the Not Storage stuff into Fast and Slow shipments. The Slow shipment will be packed and shipped next Wednesday and Thursday....then we will not have anything else going on for two weeks (hopefully we can get some golf and friend visits in during this time). We are also planning to attend the Women's US Open if we can swing it as well.

Right now, my computer is sitting on a mixture of Rubbermaid totes, and the printer stand because my desk is part of a built in that is going into storage. Much of the house seems a mess and I managed to drop one of my Thai green and white items on the ground shattering it. I will end up replacing it when I get to Japan, I am sure.

I decided to not take a lot of my dishes and china so we could reduce the amount of kitchen stuff going over and all I have left on the list for today is...

Unhook the front garden hose and let dry
Do one last load of laundry before unhooking washer and dryer
Unload items in dishwasher that are going into storage
Get box for microwave down from attic
Go through my candle cabinet and laundry room for possible storage items
Mail Father's Day cards

...and anything else I can come up with at the last minute. As soon as we get a new mailing address, I will start getting things off in the mail to change our address...


Chicken said...

Gosh this made me cry reading it. It just hit me how real this is and how far away you will be. I'm so happy that you have the chance to live there again but I'm going to miss you terribly.

Mishka said...

In reality, I will be about the same distance just now there will be a big ocean rather than a big country between us. You'll get over there before you know it and we'll have fun.

Mind Sprite said...

Sounds like the prep is going well. It's sad that you are moving again :(