Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Open and Moving

Well, everything is gone except for our fast shipment (which doesn't go out until the 5th of July) and what is going with us on the plane. We are cleaning, fixing picture holes, and generally getting paperwork and the house organized to be closed out. I have managed to get my new mailing address out to just about every one I can think of, and updated some things on the computer. I need to do a back up now, and burn some DVDs for back up as well.

I purchased a little Western Digital external harddrive that I could move pics and movies to, to free up some space on one partition of our harddrive and I think I am going to use that as back up too.

The livingroom looks like a paperwork explosion but I have to get things in order and spreading it all out is the easiest way for me to start the process. I have to make sure we have all the stuff we need as we make our way across so we don't get behind in bills or I forget something for us or the cat that keeps us from leaving on schedule.

We started going to the Women's US Open yesterday and it has been fun so far, although today my camera batteries died so I need to charge them up tonight because tomorrow is the last day you can take pictures and I am taking my niece with me to the course.

Amazingly (I have to think I had something to do with this), the USGA decided this time to include recycling containers near the concession stands along with the regular trash cans. I emailed them before the Open started about how that was a bad thing during the men's Open in 2005 and could have been easily remedied. They are still charging an arm and a leg (2.75 for 20 oz) for water and more for any other food or beverage and you can't bring anything in, but at least we have located the drinking fountains scattered on the course (we have found 2 so far that we can access) and we are having to drive this time so we have our lunch in the car.

We have seen some of the players we like to watch already but not Annika yet. We'll get her tomorrow, I suppose, and then the tournament will start on Thursday and there will be no more cameras allowed. Today it started to lightening and thunder around 4pm and play was suspended so we decided to call it a day and head home.

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Please post pics if you can.