Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Disgusts Me

I am linking to a post over at Sally's blog because I think this kind of behavior has to be pointed out as wrong, wrong, wrong. Read the linked article she included from the Seattle PI...(and I linked above).

Apparently no one told the idiot at the airline that English is not the official language of the US and that just speaking another language does not make you suspicious. I can't believe that the guy agreed to not speak his language in airports anymore. I definitely think apologies are in order and the airline should have flown him for free just for his troubles since it was their idiot crew that messed his flight up.

What are we coming to in this country that we are so filled with fear of terrorism, we assume anyone unfamiliar to us must be a terrorist?


Anonymous said...


He was speaking a foreign language and....more than likely wasn't white.

People need to get a grip. It sucks all the fun out of life to always be suspicious and worried.

Mind Sprite said...

I think it's very sad and very scary what we've become. The terrorists don't have to attack us anymore. We're destroying our country from the inside.

I can't get into the news too much. It makes my blood boil and my heart break.

Mishka said...

It just seems like to me that the goal of the terrorists was to ruin our lifestyle and by letting them terrify us into giving up our rights and freedoms, we are letting them win.