Friday, March 11, 2005


Until today, I had seen a few robins around town but none in my yard. I am pretty sure they are strickly a insect/bug eating bird . My feeders are just thistle and suet at this point so I didn't really expect to see them there.

This morning, I did see my first robins in my yard (they weren't eating at the birdfeeders) so I am officially adding them to the list of feathered friends even though they were not using the feeders.

American Robin (male only I think)

Not my picture either.


Charlie Lee said...

Spring will be here soon. My cat, Satan, is eagerly eyeing the birds from his catbird seat in our living roo.
Glad you find my blog amusing. I try.

Mishka said...

Charlie Lee- my cat, Chase, is also an avid birdwatcher. She is also interested in the eating habits of the nearby squirrels. Keeps her busy...