Thursday, March 10, 2005


Oh my, they just delivered the bright green port-a-potty that will be living across the street from my house until the construction is over....lovely, just what I need, a hot steamy plastic box with shit in it up wind from my house....hope they change it often for all of our sake's.


Chicken said...

Hopefully they will be kind and take of their business. If not I know you will be a bad ass and take care of business.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Each corner of the four walls would be a 90 degree angle in any normal structure.

A port-o-potty, however, has a cylindrical tube running up the corner that's usually just to the right of the door. Often the top is unguarded.

If so inclined, a mischievous soul can put an M-80 or other low-power explosive in there if he is tall enough to jump that high.

He will then run to escape the green antispetic muck that will spread out from beneath the plastic poo station.

It's a horrible mess and will not dissuade a determined horde of bowel movers, however. They'll just replace it or worse, keep going in the damaged crapper.

Is it on a hill?