Monday, March 21, 2005

New Sightings

Today I was walking and geocaching in a park near our home and spotted my first Eastern Fox Squirrel. It is pretty big (largest of the tree squirrels) and looks exactly like this picture. I didn't know what it was at first and had to do some searching through my National Audubon Guide when I got home but that is definitely what I saw. They are rarer than they used to be so I feel priviledged to have seen it.

I have also seen two new species of birds, one in my yard, Eastern Towhee, and the other at this same park this morning, White-breasted Nuthatch. It was with its partner, setting up their nest on a tree near the parking lot. There are a lot of these cavity birdhouses set up all over the place around here but this was the first that I have seen used...

(Note: not my photos....much better than mine)


Chicken said...

That squirrel is beautiful!!

Ian said...

Hey that's cool! Invite us all round for a look!