Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It Is Over

Whoooeeeee!!! I finished my midterm last night in the nick of time and am feeling a breath of fresh air today. I should start reading the chapter for this week (along with the ones from the last 3 weeks) but I am taking the day off and doing something completely not school related...nothing. Ha!!

I don't know why I get so relieved each time a deliverable is delivered but I do and I love the feeling. I should do school forever just so I can have this feeling everytime something is required of me. How nice would that be?


Peeved Michelle said...

If you worked for a project-based company, you could get that feeling a lot. Every project milestone met carries a nice little feeling of satisfaction with it, with a greater feeling of accomplishment when the entire project is complete. However, corporate life sucks your soul right out of your body leaving a gaping, black chasm of despair in its place, so I don't really recommend it.

TerraT said...

Happy Do Nothing Day!

Y am I at work?