Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Somehow, this past week, I pulled the quad in my left leg. Problem is, I don't know when I did it, and it probably wouldn't have been as bad as it has been, if I had started doing the right thing about it right off. At first, I thought it was my hipflexor and it was spasming/cramping everytime I put any weight on it, so I tried to stay off it and when I did have to walk, I would modify my gait or stance (which comes with its own host of problems). My back started hurting because I was holding my leg up off the floor.

Finally on Tuesday, I got online and actually figured out that it wasn't my hipflexor but instead my quad, and also realized that I should have been icing it and using a compression bandage from the get go. Anyhow, I managed to get to the drugstore and obtain a compression wrap, and started heating and icing it. It hurt like hell last night, kept trying to cramp on me, but was better this morning. I kept my walking to a minimum and made sure I had a compression bandage on while doing so. That seemed to keep the cramps from happening which is the number one reason I wasn't putting weight on it. In order for it to heal, I have to stop babying it, so keeping the cramps at bay is the main goal.

The frustration sets in because I have fitness goals that are not being met while sitting with my leg elevated...and my exercise is one of my sanity keepers. I found a new glute workout I want to incorporate in my routine but I can't even think about trying any of the moves with this bum leg.

On a good note, I spoke to my grandmother today, who broke her pelvis a couple of days ago, and she is doing well and seems to be recovering quickly. She is going to be 86 this year so it is a relief to hear her in good spirits and determined to get back on her feet. I told her we are both going to be hobbling around for a bit.

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singer7 said...

Wow! Your Grandmother is one tough cookie! I wish you both well and Happy "Early" Valentine's Day!!!! :-)