Sunday, February 26, 2012

Popcorn Math

Okay...I know I didn't stick with my math major in college in favor of switching to biology but I am pretty sure the math here doesn't "add" up. According to the top of the label each bag makes 12.5 cups, and a serving is 5 cups popped, but then in the lower section, where it refers to calories, it says that a serving size is 1 cup which is it? This would seem to indicate to me that the actual calorie intake of a serving size is 100 calories if you only eat about 1/2 a bag. This of course is still super small...I just think it is funny to see the discrepency on what is by law supposed to be an accurate label.

I found this error on all the different microwave popcorn I found so it is "industry-wide". My theory is that the law regarding the labels really only applies to the item in its uncooked state and since they have no idea exactly how much popcorn will be popped out of any given bag with any given microwave, they have to estimate that part and are not held to the law. It still is fun however to make fun of the label...

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