Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tea Ceremony

Tomorrow, I get to go to another tea ceremony but this time, I am wearing my kimono that I wore to a luncheon a few months ago. I am excited that I get to wear it again before I leave here...all those pieces and parts need to be used more than once, right?

I have another kimono that I recently acquired at a luncheon auction, and I need to find the pieces and parts for it as well since it is less formal than the one I have all the parts for, so it requires its own set. I will need new cords, new undergarments, a new obi, and new shoes...but then I can wear those things with any other "non-formal" kimono I get.

I hoping that there will be people in Hawaii that can help me wear it once in a while. I know there is an Okinawan community there...perhaps, they will let me bug them every so often.

We'll see. Anyhow, climbing through the little door in kimono should be interesting...I'll let you know how it goes...


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