Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am wondering why:

- there is a lanyard hole on my tv and dvd remote controls? Does anyone really put a lanyard on their remote? And if they do, do they then wear it around their neck?

- FBI warnings on DVDs are only in English and French? Are we the only people that might illegal copy and distribute movies?

- is the only reason that George Constanza can tell so many lies is because he lives in NYC where he is unlikely to run into the same person twice?

- are George and Jerry the only guys in history that fret about stuff as much as they do, or do all guys do it and we women just don't know about it?

- my DVD player doesn't believe me when I push the open button? Does it think I am joking when I push the button?

- is wondering how anything I want to do can be "prohibited by disc"? Isn't it my disc? Don't I get to say?

Note: this was written while I was on bed rest with vertigo and my only amusement was my Seinfeld DVDs.


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