Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Little Miss Erika

I had the priviledge of watching this angel the other day for my friend. She is a happy, easy baby and it was a treat to have her to myself for a few hours. She definitely likes to be talked to and have all eyes on her (but what girl doesn't...). She has so many expressions, it is impossible to only take one picture of her. Funny thing is, that she would smile for me, face to face but as soon as I would put the camera up, the smile would go away (she couldn't see my face anymore). So I got more shots of her looking a bit perplexed, than ones of her smiling.

Mom and Dad will have to beat the boys off with a stick when she gets older...I don't envy them the teenage years with this little one...she is a big flirt already.


One Year Ago on In My Words...Rocktoberfest This one is perfect since Rocktoberfest is this coming weekend.

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Haha said...

What an adorable girl! How fun for you!