Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flu or No Flu?

I keep hearing from all sorts of friends and relatives in the States (mostly via Facebook), about everyone getting the flu this year...(not necessarily H1N1 but the regular flu). So I am wondering...

1. Is it just a case of people talking about their ailments more this year?

2. Are more people actually getting the regular flu this year than any other year I can remember?

3. Or is the fact the media has talked so much about H1N1 and the regular flu this year just made everyone think about it so much that they are basically "willing" themselves to have it?

I am beginning to wonder if it is just not a just collective lowering of the immune system due to media hype, that is causing everyone to get sick. I swear I have not heard about this many people getting the regular flu in the past as I have this year. I know that the mist "shot" this year is a live virus so perhaps more people are getting it from that, although those that are talking about being sick have not mentioned that they got the "shot" this year either.

I have not had the flu this year and I hope to not get it. Of course now that I have talked about it on here, not only will I get it, you will get it too for reading about it because I am just propagating the media machine...haha.


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