Monday, July 20, 2009

My Only Recourse

This may be it...I will be experimenting with different options for a pin hole viewer for the eclipse since the eclipse glasses seem to be sold out here on the island...I found this blog post that has directions for a pretty simple one...we'll see if I can get one that works for me...


Two Years Ago on In My Words...Still At The Open


Haha said...

I think your father has made one of these before - the place he went to was Goldendale Washington. I wonder if my eyesight was damaged from looking at eclipes through negatives on several occasions!

Haha said...

I had to send you this poem!

The Sun and the Moon are dancing, circles in the sky,
The shadow is advancing, the dragon passes by.
And in the darkest moment, in the soul's dark night,
Great Mystery reveals itself, and the darkness turns to light.

-- Bryan Brewer