Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chirping Madness

Okay, a similar little guy to this image almost drove me crazy last night. He was in our bedroom and would chirp super loud pretty much once an hour. Finally this morning, I was able to figure out where he was and chase him until he got tired and shooed him out the door. I knew I couldn't do another night of him in my room chirping for a would have driven me insane.


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Haha said...

I know the feeling - we had a cricket the other night and I could hear him loud and clear even though the bedroom door was shut. I also felt sorry for him as I knew Delta would have played with him all night and he would have ended up in Cricket heaven. I found him and put him in the outdoors so he can go forth and multiply.

sourpuss said...

Okay, lizards I can handle. :) He's cute. But, yeah, I guess the chirping probably would have irritated me, too.