Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I spent almost all day yesterday moving furniture around. I am sure my back, leg and arm muscles will thank me later for it.

I tried moving a bookcase out of the tatami room so I could put the curio cabinet that the new hutch is displacing there, but it looked terrible so the book case went back in, along with all the books I moved.

I had to move the old dining room chairs to the laundry room so I could start unpacking the new dining room chairs. I have not even started with the new dining room table. I have the boxes stacked in my garage for recycling.

I managed to put four things in the paper for sale/giveaway and the giveaway ones are already gone. I meet the girl today at 11am to drop them off. Hopefully the sale items will go as quickly so I can have some space to work with.

Today, I have to get the banquet table out of my office and put the old dining room table in there (it is a dinette really and it will fit better). Then I can unpack the new dining room table and get it set up.

The new hutch looks lovely in its new home and I have put in the stuff that I want in there....and while it looks like I have room for more, I have to remember that I didn't bring all my stuff here and I don't want it to be overcrowded when we move back...just means I'll have to be selective in my purchases...and I need to get the pictures out of what I already own that it is in storage.

I'll post pics as soon as I get everything situated.


Haha said...

I know there must be a piece of software out there that will allow you to move everything BEFORE you move everything - If you ever see any, let me know and I will buy it!

Mishka said...

Yes a program like that would be awesome except I would have to measure everything and that would be one more excel sheet I would feel obligated to update regularly...haha.

Mind Sprite said...

Or you could live with an architect who puts all your rooms and furniture into AutoCAD ;) We still move things around until they look right, though.

We spent all day Sunday doing much the same thing to make room for some furniture my parents are giving us.