Monday, March 24, 2008


Somebody tell me, what is the purpose of fragranced soap, shampoo, and conditioner? While it smells great in the shower, as soon as you get out, you put on lotion and hair products that cover it all up anyhow....or is it just for the shower?


Chicken said...

I don't use a lot of hair product so I think that you can still smell the coconut conditioner.

Haha said...

If I use say gardenia body wash, I use gardenia lotion and body oil scent for perfume. That way I smell the same. They don't make gardenia hair conditioner or I would use that too!

Mishka said...

See, sometimes I wish I didn't use a lot of hair products so I could smell the shampoos and conditioners but if I didn't, my naturally unmanageable would become naturally out of I am stuck with plenty of leave in conditioner...which smells great on its own.

I wish I could find all the stuff in one scent but what I end up with is mango shampoo, coconut conditioner, then whatever it is that humectress smells like on my hair. For my body it depends on if I use a wash or just soap, then I get out and put on lotion (currently shea butter), and then I might put perfume on which doesn't smell like shea butter...haha.

Mom-I know where you got that Gardenia stuff, is that the stuff I got you? Do you like it? I need to get more of that stuff...can you tell me the brand again?

Mind Sprite said...

Bath & Body Works tend to have an entire line - soap, lotion, shampoo, etc - in all one scent. I find most of them a bit overpowering, but I like the orange and mango types.

I figure the smell goes away after a little bit, so I just mix up whatever products I like and hope they don't smell bad together.

And to answer your question of why they do get you to buy MORE STUFF, of course!

Haha said...

Sprite - I like the bath and body works to, but my favorite is the Tubor Rose - not overpowering at all.
Mishka - you are right it is the stuff you bought for me in NC. I will email the brand - I LOVE it!